After pastoring two Pentecostal churches in England Dr David Petts served as Principal of Mattersey Hall Bible College for 27 years.

Currently David’s ministry is mostly enjoyed by the members at Brixham Community Church in Devon UK and through the David and Jonathan Podcast which he records with his son.

David emphasises the work of the Holy Spirit in the Christian’s life and has been instrumental in leading many into the experience of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

The author of several books, David was elected to the Presidum of the Pentecostal World Fellowship and in 2004 he was appointed a life emeritus member of the Presidum of the Pentecostal European Fellowship. A former

David and Eileen Petts, December 2017

Exhibitioner of Brasenose College, Oxford, David’s academic achievements include an MA, an MTh and a PhD in Theology.

He is married to Eileen who has been a strong support to his ministry for over 4 decades. They have three children who are all actively involved in Christian ministry, and eight grandchildren.